Gonyek Enterprises Inc in Edison, NJ has been manufacturing Gonyek™️ Chin Chin, a delicious snack made with simple ingredients, no trans fat, no cholesterol, and deliciously vegan for 23 years while preserving the unique taste and quality that keep families and friends reaching for more. Chin Chin originated from Africa, dating back to colonial times with its classic taste similar to shortbread cookies. Gonyek™️ Chin Chin is a favorite snack, enjoyed by guests on special occasions and celebrations (parties, reunions, graduations, and weddings).
Gonyek™️ Classic Vanilla Chin Chin is sold under the category of Biscuits and Cookies, in sizes of 60 x 3.5 oz bags (5 ½” x 7”) and 30 x 8 oz bags (6” x 8”). Its ingredients include enriched flour (contains wheat), water, corn oil, sugar, salt, baking powder, nutmeg.
Over the years we have worked with international, national, and regional distributors within the United States of America, the Dominican Republic, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Based on customer feedback, demand, and our production capacity of 15,000 packets of Chin Chin daily, we are looking to potential markets, in order to bring Gonyek ™️ Chin Chin (“so good we named it twice”) closer to consumers.